Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twenty two going on ninety {112}


I am falling asleep right now. And it's six p.m.

I don't know how the hell these kids just keep going when I am all droopy eyed. My friend Katrina swears by five hour energy. I think I'd need a dosage every five hours. I wish I was super mom. Always looking put together, always awake and full of energy. Oh and I'd have a spotless house. These are the obstacles of my life. Woe is me.

My two products of sexy time are pretty darn cute though. It's after dinner playtime right now. They do the same thing every night; Lucy puts on her high heels and plays with her balls (that came out wrong, I mean soccer balls and random bouncy ones) while Jude does his own thing. Usually playing with a plastic spoon for an hour.

He is extremely innocent looking. And always happy. Not quite sure why. Plastic spoons aren't that entertaining.

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