Friday, March 25, 2011

The Glorious Stash Shot. {113}

A lot of you don't give an ef about what my child poops in, so disregard this post. But many of my mommy friends and followers are in fact "crunchalicious" cloth diapering addicts. I've been cloth diapering for over a year now and I FINALLY just got my stash to a happy point in my diaper career. I don't need to buy anymore, all the diapers (almost 80% of them are BumGenius ... holla) are really sturdy and all my covers are adorable. I even made some of them! ::self promotion::

I never thought I'd be a cloth diaper addict. But now I look at sposie babies their mommies know about cloth? I also try to convert everyone I know. Even people who aren't pregnant, even close to being pregnant or have no kids. Perhaps I can single handedly change the EARTH. WORLD DOMINATION MUAHAHA. No but seriously. Better for baby. Better for the earth. Cute as heck.

What am I going to do when Jude is potty trained? Buy cute undies I guess. Sigh...

(For some reason the term "stash shots" remind me of Lindsay Lohan's crotch shot. This is how my brain works.)


  1. You could always pop out another one of those sweet little things. ;)
    I have a pretty good stash now, too (although I need to sell off some of my fitteds and replace them with some more pockets) but I just can't stop buying! I keep telling myself that it's okay because we'll more than likely have 2 in diapers again. Lucky for me Jesse supports my bad habit.

  2. I know! Mike doesn't support mine. I always have to sell some to get some. Which I guess is good for our pockets.

    No more babies for us! I'll just have to buy your new one fluff then to feed my habit ; )

  3. Awesome!!!
    I miss my cloth :*( Poor Stella's a rare breed that gets diaper area eczema with everything we've tried except for 7th generation. On the upside, they're on their way to a dear friend so... still saving the earth one booty at a time... just not ours. I like the fishies (and you made that one huh? 'cause the fabric is familiar)

  4. I did make that one! It's a whale fabric. Weehuggers has it but I was NOT paying 18 bucks for it! I'm so sad for Stella's rare breed bum!! That's what cute bloomers over 7th generation 'sposies are for!!

  5. I suppose I could buy your stash from you...and join your movement ;)