Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye strain {117}

I had a blast with my babies today! We ran around the library and had a yummy carpet picnic lunch! Then we got ice cream and skyped with Da before bed. Why is he always a lot more handsome when we are apart? Appreciate your men ladies! ::mmmmmhhhmmmmmmmm preachin' it sista:: I can't sleep when he's gone either. I stayed up reading until 2:30 then had the glorious duty of waking up to a crank bug at 6:30 in the morning. But amazingly, I had energy.

I have thirteen days left here. This is a puzzling thought.

Oh, by the way. Look at this big boy sitting at a picnik table, munchin on some goldfish. I officially, do not own a baby anymore.


  1. I love your family

    <3 always your #2 creeper (Jenny is #1)
    Alysia and I cant wait to have your family closer

  2. Oh man, he really doesn't look like a baby anymore. What a handsome big boy!

  3. I love him! I can't believe you're out in 13 days...that's crazy!