Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dood, I have a macbook?! {118}

When your hubby goes away and your kids are in bed and your sewing machine is resting for a bit in a cardboard box labeled "SEWING" you resort to er...different ways of entertaining yourself. It doesn't help that I'm watching something on the tube about the Dark Ages. Which reminds me of Beuowulf, which in turn reminds me of how much I friggin' hate Beuowulf.

Then I remembered that I had this thing called "photobooth" on my macbook. Which you think I'd use a lot because I'm vain and enjoy taking pictures of myself and my kids and my sasquatch. And the cats. As if people care? Anyways...it's 11:44 and I just spend ten minutes of my life CRACKING myself up doing this....

Back off all you men lining up to date me...I'm married! I know...what a lucky man Mike is.


  1. lmao. Thank god ur getting out of Montana, its making u friggin wack. Its okay though, megan and I do it too when Kayla leaves her macbook out and is in class then we change it to her background.-Kak

  2. AHAHAHAHHAAH i have a mac too and sometines i do the same... but i'm not brave as you are so i didn't post the pictures!!!!! :)