Monday, February 14, 2011

Lakenheath here we come!{81}


We may not be your ordinary family and it's hard for us to fit in places some times but we are certainly excited for our new base in England. It sucks that Mike had to extend an extra year but it would be stupid to pass up the opportunity to live in Europe for three years. I am ecstatic. And so happy we can give our kids this experience as well. I really think England is going to be a grand adventure and it will truly help us grow as a family. It had the perfect combination of atmosphere- country yet close enough to the city for a day of shopping. Close to Paris, which will probably make me squeal. Merely "across the pond" from Rhode Island and full of OLD history. And I hear the shop there is big and welcoming and I can not wait to meet all those ladies. I guess this is what happens when you pay your dues by living in Montana for two years...karma is sweet!


  1. My BIL (& SIL) just finished up 3 years in England while he was working with NATO through the NAVY. They really did love it. They're weren't stationed AT Lakenheath, but that was their closest US base so there were there quite a lot for various things. Have a great time!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that it is a nice place to live! I am so excited.

  3. cutest family car stickers ever