Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fluffy Mail! {64}


There is nothing that I love more than fluffy mail. Knowing that you have a really cute diaper to feed your addiction waiting for you in transit somewhere. I usually "swap" diapers with people and know that Mike isn't going to change a diaper for an entire year I get to stray from "daddy proof" diapers!

Today I got Brown Beard, which is made by The Goodmama. I really do love her diapers but never buy them new because they are outrageously priced. And I think that the woman who makes them is a total unprofessional and is really rude to her customers but her diapers are the best, I must say.

Goodmama's are like the Chanel of diapering. People collect them and some people even pay a hundred dollars for one diaper, which is just dumb. I won't pay more than 12 dollars for a diaper. Jude is just going to poop in it anyways.


  1. Holy Hell!! Who collects diapers? And who pays that much for something a child will crap in? Outrageous! ;)

  2. Yeah, I hate that bitch but I want a Goodmama. I just hate giving her my money :/

  3. I KNOW!! And believe me, a lot of people do. They hoard them and keep them in their packages and sell them for a lot of money. Psychos.

    Krystal, I try to think I'm paying the lady selling them, not her. She is a BITCH!! But her diapers are so soft and last forever.