Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day Eleven.

I love food. I will never be one of those scrawny girls because I love it that much. Every night I try to make something diferent, always from scratch and always vegetarian. Usually it costs me very little to make everything from the vegetable isle. For example, it cost me fifty dollars for a week's worth of dinners. All meatless, all healthy. I've pondered a food blog but I'm pretty aprehensive about it. I have no training with food, I just enjoy cooking and baking and food photography. In my free time I'm usually gazing at food porn or reading cookbooks. It's just a way to be creative...and full. Tonight I made a vegetable tian with blueberry bread for desert. It was yummy!


  1. Manz it looks delicious send me the recipe

    Love you nama

  2. I WANT THE FOOD BLOG! That looks yummy.