Monday, April 25, 2011

So here's what you missed on Glee---I mean..{130}


I am that person who would get shit on by a bird, in a crowd of a million people, twice daily. This is how my life works. It's up and down, bird shit and showers. My precious, orange, pride and joy (besides my cats) was hit by some bubble gum chewing, Justin Bieber listening, ugg wearing IDIOT. This chicks truck (why was she driving a truck anyways) had nothing but a scratch while my glistening, orange creamsicle of a vehicle was crushed.

Then, the next day. Mike left. And I spent a majority of the week with him de-cluttering my 20 square foot apartment and making him assemble furniture. Not quite the time I envisioned with him. I thought we would just gaze into each other's eyes all day every day but we saved that for the car ride up to the air port. Our goodbye was short and sweet and I went back home and poured four shots of Amaretto into my cup.

I also had this birthday party for Jude. Nothing special. About 2% of the people invited showed up, as expected. But they missed out on some delicious chicken parm and a rather cute birthday boy. Birthday parties and Easter and Thanksgiving...the major reason I need to take crazy pills.