Saturday, April 2, 2011

Momma's got a new baby. {122}

Our new addition is bright and shiny and smells like new car smell. I'm a spoiled brat! We traded in our Jeep, which was starting to slowly break down and got our butts into a 2007 Ford Edge. There is even room for the sasquatch and the larvae! I can sit my fat butt in between their car seats if need be! I am so in love. I want to just drive it all day long, I'm looking for stupid excuses to drive somewhere. Mike is the best, he made sure I'd have a car that wouldn't break down when he was gone. And did I mention I love it?


  1. love the car!! every pic of Montana i see is dark and wet...

  2. ummmm love that
    drive me around when you get home