Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy. Ass. Day. {126}

Today was a whirlwind of anger, outrage and uncertainty. Not knowing if we were going to get paid or not was a huge weight on our family's shoulders. But not just ours, many other families as well. I spent all day pleading, writing e-mails to my senator's, spreading the word through social networking...which eventually seemed to work! Right before the deadline of midnight, they came to a conclusion and decided to pay the military protecting their freedom.

It was amazing to see those people who are not even affected just as outraged as I was. It should have never got to this point in the first place but I'm glad Congress saw past their differences, even if they did toy with our emotions for a bit, to secure our pay for this month.

Tonight was our going away party as well. More mixed emotions. The wives gave me this adorable necklace, which I've wanted for a while now, from HerHero. I'm so grateful for it! And for a lot of things for that matter.


  1. Awww, I'm glad you guys had a going away party! The necklace is very cute! I love you, girl!