Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The sad ham. {95}


Mr. Handsome has been really hot and irritable lately so I called the doctor today and brought him in. Turns out my little guy has an ear infection in his right ear. It makes me so sad! But I'm greedy and I'm enjoying the extra snuggles he's giving me. And he's still a "ham" he was making the ham face in the waiting room at random strangers. My kids just melted my heart today! Lucy was being extra sweet and Jude extra cuddly! Now they are in bed and I'm going to spend the night sewing, like I always do. I set up a sewing room in our guest bedroom, which is something I should have done a while ago seeing as we have had a total of ten guests in two years, if that. I unwind, close the door, put on the Decemberists and just think about NOTHING. It's lovely.

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