Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bow for Baby Maddie. {89}

I stumbled across a blog from one of my birth boards about a precious baby named Maddie who stopped breathing for no reason and passed away at just four months. The strength of her parents is incredible despite the fact that they have to do what no parent should do and bury their little angel. I fell in love with Maddie just through her pictures and story and her passing had made me appreciate my beautiful, healthy babies every second of the day. It's amazing how a stranger's story can really change your life.

Maddie's mom asked every baby girl out there to wear a bow in her honor today- the day she gets buried. I'm sure there are hundreds of little girls showing their support & love for that angel who was taken too soon.

To read about baby Maddie, check out her family's blog.

1 comment:

  1. great post, Maddie will be remembered! It's nice from you to post about her even if he is a stranger.... but babies are all so lovable that don't feel stranger to a mum!
    I will let my little one wear a bow today as soon as she wakes up in honor of Maddie as well and for her mum to see that everybody around the world thinks about her!