Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stir Crazy {57}

Today, Mike and I didn't switch off at lunch with the car which means no Starbucks run for me. It also means I'm stuck in the house with two kids who took their terrible pills today. Lucy keeps hurting Jude and Jude keeps trying to eat cat food. I am not amused.

I'm already dressed for the gym, which I'm going to at like 8 o'clock tonight. I don't see adults so I always look like a homeless bum / soccer mom.

I'm also super stressing about this year, I have no idea how I'm going to be a single parent, go to school, have a job, train for a marathon, be without my husband and juggle everything on my own. I know I'm just going to drop the marathon down to a 5k because it takes so much time and dedication but seriously I am going to explode from stress!

Anyways, my picture today is Jude eating some sweet potato fries, the only time he was confined in his high chair.


  1. You can do it because you are AWESOME!! You will have lots of support and if you stayed focused, I know you can do anything!