Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not a happy post. {50}

I don't know who even reads this thing but today sucked and this is going to be a vent. I spent all morning performing my house maid / cleaning fairy duties, bathed the children (didn't bathe myself) and rushed them in the car during our swap with Mike at lunch.

Then I attempted going grocery shopping. And Lucy had an absolute freak out. Like, the embarrassing, everyone is staring at us kind. So I had a break down and an employee had to console me while I was consoling Lucy. Then I had to unload the groceries when we got home, which felt heavier than usual, shoved the kids in their rooms and crashed.

Days like today make me want a job so bad. Being a stay at home mom is not my piece of cake. I love my kids but I need my space.

My only LOLS of the day was Jersey Shore. Yes, my life has fallen to that pathetic level.

I told Mike I didn't have a picture today. Usually I resort to taking one of the cats. But he told me to take one of my baby puree's, seeing that I just spent an hour making pears, peas, applesauce and carrots. So, yeah.

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  1. I went to the market when the kids were little. Mike was in the carriage (no seat belts back then), and he was fussy, wiggling and crying. Ben was trying to open snacks I had put on the conveyer, mad and yelling at me that he wanted them back. I ended up throwing my coat over the food. The woman behind me patted my back and I started to cry and cry. My sympathies are totally with you.