Monday, January 24, 2011

Coping. {61}

Today was the day that everything hit me in the face. I had my first real cry and got mascara all over Mike's shoulder. I feel so bad for the kids and for Mike and how they have to be separated for a year. And it's getting real now, which means I have to start strong. Mike said our kids are strong too and there will be a lot more for us to offer them in Connecticut while he is gone than we would have here.

I'm happy to be going through this as a family- with the right person. Sure, Mike and I are no where near perfect. We fart in front of each other and have a huge fight about once a month about...nothing but we still love each other and lean on each other. He supports me and encourages me with everything I do even if they are failures. Well mostly everything, he thinks cloth diapers and veganism is dumb but he still loves me through it. And I love him through hockey and basketball season.

Savoring every moment, for sure.


  1. Found your blog through your signature on ABB- I am doing the same project. I am sorry your having to go through this, you seem like a very strong Mom, your kids are lucky. Here's to a strong year for your family.

  2. Thank you Miranda...that means a lot! I'll follow you too!