Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turkey Hands {2}

It is nearly impossible to find Thanksgiving decorations. Lucy helped me put away the "spooky" decorations last night and we discovered I only had two little turkey candle holders from Nama McElroy. Although she was in her pajamas, I threw some shoes on her and headed to Target for some turkey stuff. We walked in and it looked like Santa Claus threw up. Only a gel Turkey cling, a wooden pumpkin and a cranberry woven wreath ended up in our cart.

Lucy is now learning about "Turkey Time". I thought I didn't like Thanksgiving but she is making every holiday much more fun, now that she understands. This year we are looking forward to staying home and pigging out as one big happy family. And the fact that the Patriots are playing is a super bonus!

Our craft project turned out wonderful. Lucy had a blast tracing her hands and scribbling. We learned about turkey's and how they "gobble- gobble."


  1. Blake requests a turkey craft by LC... he says he will send her a scribble

  2. I would like to trade scribbles indeed. And wallet pictures will be included.