Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sleepytime. {9}

I spent all day grabbing groceries and cooking and baking for hours. I made gingersnaps from scratch. They were delicious but of course I made them too big so they all blended into each other. Then I made a homemade mac 'n cheese with roasted veggies. Absolutely yummy. I love cooking from scratch and I have the time too but damn is it hard work! Kudos to those 1940's housewives. They are just everything I aspire to be.

I just finally sat down with a cup of sleepytime tea and now I'm anxiously waiting for Glee while the kids play out the rest of their energy.


  1. so domestic just like nama

  2. I admire those 1940's wives too, I've always wanted to be that type of woman!